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Research Projects

In this section you can find information about research projects conducted by CLAS Research Center. In this section we include research projects' abstracts, publications and information about our researchers and CLAS Research Network.  Español

Global Connections of 19th Century Latin America

Professor Bryan Mccann takes the task of producing a new survey history textbook of Modern Latin America in collaboration with other prestigious historians. Some of the topics involved in this review are:

  • Argentina and Chile: path to independence
  • Brazil´s path to independence
  • Brazil under Pedro II
  • Chile and Diego Portales
  • The British in Argentina and Brazil (1830s-1880s)
  • War of the Triple Alliance
  • Sugar and Environment
  • Slave Trade in Brazil
  • Abolition and Creation of Old
  • Republic in Brazil
  • Social Banditry in Brazil
  • Comparative Ranching, Brazil and Argentina

Project Director

Bryan Mccann

Professor of History




  • Latin America in the World, Oxford University Press, forthcoming, estimated publication date 2017

Research Network
  • Peter Henderson of University of Minnesota-Mankato
  • Virginia Garrard-Burnett of University of Texas-Austin
Research Team
Research Assistants
  • Katherine Mann, MA student at the Center for Latin American Studies

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