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In this section you can find information about research projects conducted by CLAS Research Center. In this section we include research projects' abstracts, publications and information about our researchers and CLAS Research Network.  Español

Colombian Peace Process in Comparative Perspective

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The present study analyzes the Colombian armed conflict and the consequent peace processes through a comparative historical perspective. It examines the long history of confrontation and the consecutive attempts to restore peace in Colombia and other countries in Latin America and the world. The present study investigates the historical factors of violence in Colombia and the military solutions and negotiations implemented in the past.

Project Director

PhD. Marc Chernick

Associate Professor of Political Science, MALAS Director

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  • MARC W. CHERNICK (2008): "Acuerdo posible: solución negociada al conflicto armado colombiano" (BOOK Intro) (Purchase)

  • 10 Years After Caguán: Lessons for Peace in Colombia Today. (PDF)

  • Lessons for the Peace Talks in Oslo and Havana (PDF)

  • Peace Processes Research Network

    CLAS is participating in a cooperative research project with the United States Institute of Peace, the Universidad de los Andes in Bogotá, and the Colombian Jesuit Research Institute, CINEP, on the legacy of past peace negotiations and the prospect for peace in Colombia. To mark the 10 year anniversary of the breakdown of negotiations with the FARC in San Vicente del Caguan on February 20, 2002, the project has published "10 Years After Caguán: Lessons for Peace in Colombia Today."

    Partner Institutions

    • Universidad de los Andes
    • Colombian Jesuit Research Institute
    • CINEP
    • United States Institute of Peace

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