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National Executive
President and Prime Minister (1)
Election System
Elected by the parliament (2)
Duration of Term
Five years
Term Limits
President - two terms (3)
Unicameral Parliament - The House of Assembly (4)
31 members
(21 representatives directly elected and nine senators: 5 senators appointed by the president on advice of the Prime Minister, and 4 senators appointed by president on advice of the Leader of the Opposition) (5)
If the Speaker chosen by Parliament is not already a member of the House, he becomes a member as Speaker
Election System
Elected by plurality in single member districts.
Duration of Term
Five years
Term Limits
State / Province (6)
Dominica has a centralized system of government. Local governments have mostly administrative functions. There are three elected "Municipal Councils" in larger cities, 37 village councils, and one council representing the indigenous population.

District magnitude for PR districts?
Not applicable
Threshold for PR seats
Not applicable
Voting legally compulsory?
No (7)
Gender quotas?
Quotas for minority representation?
No, but the Carib Reserve Council not only serves to help govern the everyday affairs of the indigenous Reserve, but also represents the official interests of Dominica's indigenous population vis-à-vis the national government (8)
Is remote voting possible?
No (9)
Concurrent Elections?

(1) Dominica is a semi-presidential system in which the president holds the greater authority. He may summon and dissolve Parliament. Constitution of Dominica; Chapters II & IV.

(2) The President is elected by the House of Assembly with advice of the Prime Minister and Leader of the Opposition. The president appoints as Prime Minister the person who has the support of the majority of the House. See especially Articles 18 and 59 of Dominica's Constitution.

(3) Constitution of Dominica, Article 21.

(4) Constitution of Dominica; Chapter III.

(5) Parliament may also choose to have senators directly elected, according to Article 34 of the Constitution.

(6) Dominica's Government website. Available at:

(7) (9) Ace Project

(8) Dominica's Government website. Available at:

Sources: Dominica's Constitution, Dominica's Government website, ACE Project

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