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National Executive
1 President and 1 Vice-President
Election System
If no candidate receives at least 45% of the vote, or 40% with a lead of 10% over the runner-up, a second round is held.
Duration of Term
Four years
Term Limits
The President is allowed one consecutive reelection and must sit out one term before being eligible to run again.
Upper House of the National Legislature - Senate
72 Senators
Election System
Senators elected through closed list proportional representation.
Two senate seats per district granted to the party receiving the highest number of votes.
One additional senate seat per district awarded to the first minority party.
Duration of Term
Six years
Note: A third of the Senate is renewed every two years.
Term Limits
Senators may seek reelection indefinitely.
Upper House of the National Legislature - Chamber of Deputies
257 Deputies
Election System
Deputies are elected through closed list proportional representation.
Duration of Term
Four years
Note: Half of the Chamber of Deputies is renewed every two years
Term Limits
Deputies may seek reelection indefinitely.
State / Provincial Executive
24 Governors (one for each province and for the Federal District)
Election System
Governors elected according to provincial constitutions; the majority by plurality. (1)
Duration of Term
Four Years
Term Limits
Governors may seek reelection if permitted by their province's constitution.

District magnitude for PR districts?
- For the Senate, 24 (23 provinces plus the city of Buenos Aires) with one national district.
- For Chamber of Deputies, seats are allocated in proportion to each province's population
Threshold for PR seats
For Chamber of Deputies, parties must earn at least 3% of the vote.
Voting legally compulsory?
Gender quotas?
Party electoral lists are required to have a minimum of 30% women among their candidates for all elections.
Quotas for minority representation?
Is remote voting possible?
Argentine citizens living abroad may vote in national elections in person on the day of the election in consular offices.
Concurrent Elections?
Elections are partially concurrent with presidential elections: half of the Senate seats and one third of the Chamber of Deputies seats are renewed every two years.

(1) Information taken from Miguel de Luca, "Political Recruitment and Candidate Selection in Argentina: Presidents and Governors, 1983-2000," in Pathways to Power: Political Recruitment and Candidate Selection in Latin America, edited by Petter M. Siavelis and Scott Morgenstern, (University Park, PA: The Pennsylvania State University Press 2008): p. 191.

Fuente / Source: Codigo Electoral de Argentina, Constitucion de Argentina, Gobierno de Argentina, Quota Project

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